It just makes good sense to have impressive images.


Impressive Aerials

Imagine you are a prospective buyer browsing the web, searching for something that stands out.  Ask yourself, "If a property photo does not excite me, will I click on the listing?" Probably not. The mission of Aerial Lens LLC is to get your listing noticed -- and help you get it SOLD sooner rather than later!

Just a note here, regarding technique and equipment...

Our aerials are created using ground-based and tethered equipment such as specialized camera masts ...and even kites in more remote areas!  That's right! The shot shown above, for example, was created using a specially designed mast from a height of about 50 feet - looks higher, doesn't it? You will be AMAZED at what can be included in our images shot from three to six stories high! It truly is incredible.


Attractive Stills

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Now that your buyer has decided to "drill down" and see some property details, we will ensure that he or she is met with images of the highest quality.  We use only the best angles and dramatic sharp and clear, natural looking, wide angle photography  to include the whole room - keeping distortion, and oversaturation under control.

Also - and this is important - we edit each and every photograph to ethically communicate the beauty and features of your property. For example, is the grass brown or yellow but normally greener? Is there an old piece of equipment in the yard? Does the pool need cleaning? Is a door ajar that should be closed? We fix all that. - that's our passion for excellence!

You have just one chance to catch the buyer's  attention online. Your listing MUST stand out from the others in its price range.

Tantalizing Tours


If you decide to create a property tour for your listing, you have certainly come to the right place! We simply offer more features for the lowest cost currently available:

  • Full Screen HD
  • Hybrid Video + Stills
  • Clickable Maps, Flyers, Email and Links
  • Sharable to Social Networks
  • QR Code Image File
  • ZERO ads for my Services*
  • REAL Narration is an option
  • Uploadable to Youtube
  • Detailed weekly viewing reports


*That's right!   Only YOUR LISTING and YOU are featured. We don't use your tour to promote our features, prices, and other tours.