Capture your buyer's attention with the FIRST picture they see!

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Ground-based aerial photography by Aerial Lens LLC is a technique of capturing images from an elevated point of view with a high resolution camera to ensure superior quality and enhanced depiction of the subject property, features and landscaping. The camera is normally raised to a height of 25 to 50 feet and operated from the ground by remote control to adjust settings, angles and capture for the best possible combination of quality, content and interest. Image files are then post-processed for digital and printing applications. Ask about our ability to create breathtaking panoramas! . . . Contact Phil at Aerial Lens for details on how to improve your property images today. You will love the results, and so will your clients!


Your main image is what buyers SEE FIRST, so it has to engage them immediately!

In today's competitive world of real estate marketing, the importance of VISUAL IMPACT from your photos is huge!

That is what aerial photography can do for you!