Chart based on information available March, 2016.


We strongly believe Services by Aerial Lens LLC and Phil Tuggle are the current value leader in the Mid and Coastal Carolinas.

This chart of features clearly shows you why we are your best choice.

Aerial Lens offers many combinations of services. To help our clients, the following shows the pricing basics:

Aerial Photography - The ESSENCE of getting NOTICED!

GREAT CHOICE FOR YOUR MAIN IMAGE - This is what buyers see FIRST and captures their interest!


Single Setup

Additional Points of View
$25 to $40

QUICK NOTE about "VIRTUAL" tours:
 We choose to call our high quality animated photo tours with music or narration, VIRTUAL TOURS. Those with photos AND video clips, we call "HYBRID" tours. And those which are 100% video footage? Well, we call those "VIDEO" tours.  These labels help our clients avoid confusion and help them choose the right showcase. 
Virtual is a word that is tossed around a lot. So, what does the word, VIRTUAL, actually mean? The dictionary says Virtual simply means the viewers of your tour are not actually physically present at the home while looking around, but seeing a simulated walk-through. Lesson: Don't get too caught up in terms.  All of our tours are first-rate, whether they include video or not, and each tour augments the buyer’s search experience. The motion in all of these makes it feel as if you’re right there, touring the house in person.

Please ALSO note - Just let me know if you wish to have watermarks on your images - just make sure it complies with your MLS service.

OH! ...And one more really important note:
Unlike my competitors, YOUR TOURS will not contain HUGE ADS and BANNERS for MY services and other agents' tour samples!  Really?! 

Online Tours - Interior & Exterior
-- We have 3 KINDS of tours!

  • "VIRTUAL" Tours

This is a series of animated photos of the highest quality. These captivating "Ken Burns effect" tours have Agent Intro and nice music in the background.

  • "HYBRID" Tours

These are a mixture of great photography, PLUS movie clips, and panoramas, and walkthroughs. Very engaging!

  • "VIDEO" Tours

This is a 100% "movie" type presentation, always complete with real Professional voice narration.

Our videos are created in either 1080p or 720p High Definition using quality wide angle lenses, and these are stabilized with state-of-art cranes, sliders, dollys, and "steadicam" type devices for smooth professional results.



Virtual Tour
$95 Average Home, $115 Large Home,
$Call Me if Resort, Mansion, or Farm!


Hybrid Tour
$115 Average Size Home, $165 Large Home


Video Tour (Includes REAL voice NARRATION and free Youtube upload)
$175 Average Home, $225 Large Home
(3500+ sf)





Branded Youtube Upload with Description
$15 (Optional)
and YOU don't need a subscription.

Hosting Fee, with weekly viewing reports
No Charge!  (Included)

Photo Files sized for MLS*
No Charge!  (Included)


Simple Interior and Exterior Photography -

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WIDE ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY ADJUSTED AND EDITED FOR MOST APPEALING APPEARANCE - Usually, 25 to 40 Image files are provided to the client via online link to Google Drive (requires internet connection and browser, but NO signup is needed). These will be provided in both MLS size and aspect*, as well as larger wide angle size for the client to use to promote the property.


Downloadable Photo files
$70 to $95 (Depending on Home size)

Extra Fee for Travel and Time -

TIME AND TRAVEL IS NORMALLY INCLUDED. HOWEVER, SESSIONS GREATER THAT 30 MILES ROUND TRIP WILL HAVE AN ADDITIONAL FEE - Though NOT a mileage charge, this can be estimated at approximately 60 cents per mile; For example, 70 miles roundtrip would be approximately $24 additional.

Aerial Lens PHOTO and VIRTUAL TOUR disclaimer - All pricing, estimates, discounts and special offers based on property fully staged and ready at time of shoot. This simply means that if the photographer has to vacuum, make beds, straighten furniture, move plants, wash dishes, do the laundry, pick up last night's pizza remains, walk the dog, pick up the yard - or anything else - there will be an extra charge or even a postponement.  Neither of us wants that, right? ... Common sense is the rule.

* Most MLS systems require that images are in a 4x3 (width by height) ratio to avoid distortion when viewed. Further, they require
small image sizes from 680 to 1000 pixels wide. Aerial Lens creates much larger and wider original images, but is happy to convert
these to the proper proportions for our clients.